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The cost in Irish Universities

Are university tuition fees in Ireland justifiable? I make an attempt below to explain some factors that contribute to the education annuity values on Emerald Isle. Compared with other Anglo-speaking nations, Ireland has a much lower average than its main competitors in the international educational market such as the US, UK and Australia.



Ireland is the fastest growing country in Europe. Its economy last year rose about 7%. This can be attributed to spending reduction policies that Ireland has adopted from the recession that plagued the country in 2008 and heavy investment in education.


The Irish economy is based on services, about 69% of GDP, mainly in the sector of information technology, financial and pharmaceutical. These are the areas where there is more shortage of skilled labor in the country. These industries drive other areas directly or indirectly such as human resources, digital marketing and construction.

The unemployment rate is another factor that contributes greatly to the growth of the economy. According to “Trading Economics” The unemployment rate fell from 16% in 2012 to the current 5.5% (October 2018) ie it is a remarkably rising economy.




Undergraduate  courses cost from € 4200 *, but the overall average for a course of this nature is around € 12,000 per year. The price will depend on the course and the institution chosen. The most prestigious universities in the market have an annuity of about € 19,000, excluding courses in dentistry, veterinary medicine and medicine (they cost from € 45,000)

* BA in Business CCT College Dublin – only course with this amount



Postgraduates cost from € 6,000 * but the overall average revolves around € 12,000. The value of the investment will also depend on the institution and the course chosen. It is important to remember that there are several types of graduate, see a text about the subject in the link below.

Payment plans will depend on the policy of the educational institution. In general, the monthly tuition system we are used to in Brazil does not apply in Ireland. The aforementioned values are for international students (not from the EU).


* Higher Diploma in Computing CCT College Dublin – only course with this amount



Ireland is the Anglo-speaking country with the best cost-benefit to invest in your studies. Two universities stand out worldwide: Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, both represented by Logos Global Education, stand out for their contribution to the country’s economy and the high level of employability. The Emerald Island also offers incentives to international students through the “1G Visa”, which allows you to work legally in the country for up to two years with the possibility of permanently staying in the country.


Watch a video that highlights the subject below.


A degree in Ireland also opens doors to other European countries such as Germany, France and the Netherlands through the EU Blue card. Secure your future in Europe and fly higher. Logos Global Education answers all your questions and helps you achieve your goals.

My name is Paulo Santiago, Educational Consultant for Logos Global Education. I have been working in higher education in Ireland for over eight years. I would advise you on the best choice of your college program so that you can reach your career goals. Our company has partnerships with many of Ireland’s leading colleges and universities and will be glad to assist you with any queries. Follow us on our LinkedIn and Twitter @LogosEducation to find out more!



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